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 My cat is definitely punishing me for being gone. Mr. Wednesday is doing that thing where you try to reach out and cuddle him, but he keeps moving *just* out of reach. But then he does get very affectionate in the morning, so there's that. He's getting over it honestly faster than I thought he would. 

Just updated my google calendar with my class schedule! I don't start the next semester until September 7, which is nice because I could use the time to get some other life things in order. The time will go super fast, I know that too.

Here's what this semester looks like for me:

1. Economics for Public Policy 1 (3 credits)
2. Management of Organizations (3 credits)
3. Material and Energy Flows in Society (3 credits)
4. Climate Change Policy (3 credits)

I'm not sure, but I think it will be more relaxed than my last semesters. It's a bit econ-heavy (Material and Energy Flows is a lot of economics as well), but it will be good I think. I've heard Management of Organizations is a good class, and not too difficult. NO idea how Climate Change Policy will be, because it's the first year it's offered. But I've heard good things about the professor.

I have an interview for my dream job on Wednesday. If I get that job, I'll be shifting my schedule around substantially. I'll probably drop Management of Organizations (to take it next semester), and may drop Material and Energy Flows. It's an extra class that I'm taking to get a better understanding of energy economics. 

If I took the job, it would likely mean one more semester in this city, and then I would be moving to the North woods and finishing grad school remotely. Eeeee! I've been trying to move North for a good ten years, so this would really be a dream. 

Trying not to get my hopes too sky-high. Whatever happens will be ok. If I don't get this job, I will apply for other part-time jobs for while I'm finishing graduate school. If I don't get any of those, I'll try to scale up Northern Lights Witch so it's an actual income. I've got fallbacks, but this job is the one I really want.

Whew, anyway. I'm gonna get back to my very busy day of job hunting/cleaning/reading.

Date: 2016-08-22 04:13 pm (UTC)
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Good luck on the dream job!


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