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There has been some seriously crazy astronomical/astrological shit going DOWN this year. Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally?) my life has been off the rails.

More on this later, but I've been paying more attention to what's going on in the cosmos this year, and it seems to correlate with what's going on in my life and the lives of others. Astrology, as far as a part of witchcraft/occult beliefs goes, has never been something that I thought I would seriously engage with.

But here I am. Tracking the cosmos.

I need to read more about astrology. But can I just say that I'm really relieved that today is the first day Mercury is out of retrograde? I'm ready for the "rebirth" that astrologists are predicting for July.

More to come: Pictures of the new place! It's really starting to come together! I will post pictures - probably not tonight, but soon.
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Ugh, moving. I was getting really anxious about the whole process last night, and so I talked to Matt about it and I think we've got a good plan. What's really making me anxious is that the week before I'm moving, I work 10-4 on Sunday, I have two 11-12 hour days (including the Thursday before the move), Matt's sister's surprise bridal shower is on the Wednesday of that week, so pretty much my only day to get everything packed is Tuesday of next week. Ahhhh!

Matt was able to talk me down a little bit. Thank goodness. But this is gonna be crazy.

So, I started making a list last night of all the things I need to do to move. Here we go:

1. Show apartment - it's gonna be crazy, but just remember: they'll take $100 off the re-rental fee if I find the person to move in.
2. Today: Send Matt home with box of kitchen appliances, maybe some books, dvds, tchotckies, and electronics boxes.
3. Friday: Pack up sewing and camping stuff and take to St. Paul.
4. Saturday: Show apartment, but also pack up books. Take wall shelves out (will need to borrow Matt's drill), spackle, paint.
5. Sunday: Varnish bed? Not necessary - but it would be a good idea to treat the wood, and moving is one of the best times to do that. Pack a bag of clothes for the week, pack the rest of my clothes and bring to Matt's. Unpack all the boxes at Matt's so I can reuse them.
6. Tuesday: Pack EVERYTHING ELSE. Live out of a suitcase for the week.
7. Friday: MOVE.
8. Saturday: Spend day unpacking and rearranging apt. Meet Matt in Hibbing for his sister's wedding. May need to leave early if he's going totally bazonkers with family.
9. Sunday: I have NO idea where I'll wake up. Like, we could be at home, but I also wouldn't be surprised if we have a family sleepover or something. (His family can be a bit cagey about plans - I usually don't know what's going on.) TRY to get to book club - this could be tough if there's a wedding brunch I didn't know about. But oh my word Wuthering Heights, I really want to discuss it. Then: possibly check in on the Whittier Walkers shift from 12-2. Then: Relaxxxxx.

Ok ... that plan seems ok. It all depends on if Matt can do it too. He's coming over tonight, and we'll go over what this all looks like.

On a different note: It looks like he has work for next week! Yay!

Some other things I'm thinking about lately:

1. I NEED to get back to working on my novel. I've been too busy lately, but I have been getting a serious writing bug.
2. On a similar note, I want to do that mythology challenge. I've actually been thinking of ways to build that into the current project.
3. I'm getting kind of serious about stargazing. It will actually be a lot easier in Lowertown - less light pollution, and closer to the highway out of town. I'm trying to find an app that will help me out with that, but since I have an iPhone I can't get the one I want - google stargazer. Grrrr. There's gotta be a good comparison app.
4. I really miss sewing, and working with fabric. When I get to the new space, there are several mending projects I need to finish, but there are some patterns I have that I should really start working on. It would be good to hone my skills a little more.

Oh goodness. Time for me to get to work. BUH ALL THE THINGS.
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So ... some days I really miss LiveJournal. Today is one of those days.

I've started SO MANY blogs over the years. I think part of it is a comfort thing, and part of it is a habit. I spent all of middle and high school updating a livejournal, keeping in touch with my friends that way. Or - because it was middle and high school - my frenemies. It was what I would do when I was bored, or when I was feeling things too strongly, or when I was

I have stuck with wordpress the longest, out of all the blogging platforms. But there's a lot of pressure that goes with wordpress ... I used my real name as my username, and that's scary. People can find me on there. I would much rather publicly express my thoughts in anonymity. The internet equivalent of a pen name.

But Livejournal also feels more intimate. You can follow people - find other users with your interests. You may never meet them in person, or learn their real names, but they're your friends. And ... it feels safe.

There was a craze when I was first becoming Internet-literate - when my life first moved to the interwebs - to simultaneously "protect" yourself by hiding your identity, but you knew (wink, wink) that your friends were there for you online. I had more contact with friends that I knew in person online than I did when I was in school.

Probably, none of this is making sense. I took a nap after working for a long time yesterday, and then woke up to watch the blood moon. Probably didn't fall asleep until 3:30 am, then I went to my big girl job. I'm just staying awake for so long now so that I don't totally flip my sleep schedule. It will be bedtime soon.

This is sort of an experiment. I tend to be more myself when I'm journaling, and Livejournal was a big part of my formative years. I don't think ANYONE will read this. But I'm fascinated by the way that people define themselves both publicly and privately in the age of the internet. And so, to be contrary, I've started a "private" journal - in the most public of places.

Public spaces aren't public if no one shows up.


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