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Had very vivid dreams last night. Most of them have left my waking memory, but here's the snippets of the most recent dream:

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So this is interesting. If I think of what I can remember of my dreams, it may help me to write better dream sequences for my characters.

The key to surreal, dream-like writing is not in what you show the reader, but more in what you don't show them. And (my dreams at least) are really visual. I remember the shapes often more than the plots. But I do know that some people have dreams that are all dialogue - just impressions of things - or sounds, or only shapes.

I think I will keep paying attention to this.
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I dropped Matt off yesterday morning. He's now gone away for 8 weeks working on a road trip movie. I miss him already.

We've spent so much lovely time together in the last couple of weeks, trying to make the most of every moment. I'm already sad that he's gone, but I know I'll have plenty with which to distract myself, especially now that I'm working on this rally project.

I went to a lovely backyard BBQ last night. I was worried about it, because there's this friend that has been very difficult who might have been there, but she wasn't there. I was feeling a little brave with the foods I ate - I've been feeling a lot better lately, so I was less careful last night about what I ate.

Well, I woke up this morning feeling Very Sick. But it was a different kind of sick, at least. I was actually really worried it was food poisoning, but it died down and I was able to roll over and go back to sleep. Must be careful today with my body.

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And that, my friends, is the most vivid dream I've had in a long while.

I know there were other things I wanted to write about here, but the morning is getting away from me and I have things I've got to do. I have to plan what I'm doing for food for the week, clean up the apartment a bit, and hit up the farmer's market before heading out to see [personal profile] syntaxofthings and watch anime (eeee!). There's this lovely farmer's market right by where I live, which makes healthy eating really easy during the summer. We'll see what they've got for veggies, I know it's still really early in the season.


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