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So all the stress of starting this new gig + CRAZY barometric pressure has culminated in horrible headaches. I stayed home from the accounting firm today because my head was full of stabby pains and even my eyeballs ached.

But hey, self care? Self care.

Watched "Horns" - the one about a guy who is suspected of murdering his girlfriend, then grows horns and people in the small town are compelled to confess their dark thoughts to him. I have Thoughts.

It could have been a very good movie - and I definitely got pulled in and watched it till the end - but the acting in the first part of it is suuuuuper clunky, and the voiceovers didn't serve much purpose but to up the cheese factor. It was, of course, very much within Christian mythology - lots of explicit devil/angel characters, snakes played a big role in the horror, a gold cross necklace played an integral role in the plot, etc.

I kept thinking during the movie that it would have been a lot more interesting if they'd pulled that apart a bit - perhaps went into some more demonology. Or maybe that sometimes, the unexplained/paranormal happens, and people label it as connected to God, but it's not necessarily.

I did appreciate that it was trying to be a spiritually-connected modern fantasy, and it was strange to watch it as an outsider, strange to watch it as a witch. I'm not sure if I'd recommend it - I was glad I watched it, but don't know that I'd say it was good. The acting was very wooden, the screenplay awkward. The bit characters really carried the film, which I did like.

ANYWAY. Off to work with me, now that the head-demons have been tamed a bit.


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