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 The last couple of days have been sort of productive. I've been wrapping up things at my job - my last day on the payroll is tomorrow. I am both relieved and sad about that. I also have an interview at 9 am tomorrow morning for a temp gig, so here's hoping I can nab that one.

I have ideas for the next novel bubbling up inside of me. I've even been looking into the research. It will be set sometime in the 1910s or 1920s - and it will have to do with spiritualism, mysticism, and the early revival of ceremonial magick in America. I'm not sure exactly the plot, but I know where I want to do research, so that's a good thing! Of course, I need to finish the manuscript I'm working on at the moment before I can even begin to plot another novel out. I don't want to get ahead of myself.

I've been trying to make time for writing. I haven't been terribly successful. I feel like my work in progress right now has potential to be very good, but the structure has changed so much over the course of the writing of it that it's hard to see that potential. I know the Brain Demons don't really help much on that front. Camp Nano will be good for me this year - force me to write a bit every day, force me to finish this manuscript. 

I wish I'd known that particular, localized folklore would be such an important part of this novel I'm writing now. I could have done the research ahead of time. I feel like I just ... jumped in. I know that each project is a learning experience, and this one is a rather big one. 

I have also noticed it's difficult for me to be really open and creative when I'm doing the kind of work I've been doing. Calling people I don't know to try to get them to do things for hours on end? REALLY EXHAUSTING. And I'm not even as introverted as they come - I'm pretty smack dab in the middle. I am eager to get to a point where I'm doing more management, more long-term policy planning, rather than the constant, high-energy work that is organizing.

Social media? Another huge drain. Facebook more than Twitter - I feel like there's more on the line with Facebook. Like, the social consequences of facebook weirdness are worse. Actually, there's a whole post here waiting to be written, but I just haven't gotten to it yet. 

Add that to my list.

I've been getting to know a neighbor in the building. She's ... probably in her sixties? She's had a really interesting life.  But she's super secure in who she is, she's got a great perspective, and she helps me see things differently. She's also incredibly intellectual, which I've been missing lately.

Note to self: spend more time reading, analyzing, seeing things. It's way easier to turn on shitty tv at the end of organizing, but that doesn't feed my soul the way books and writing does.

I think I hang out with 20-somethings too much. When your friends are your job competition, that shit can get weird.

(folks reading this are excluded from the "I hang out with 20-somethings" thing. Even if we do hang out in person)
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Wow, it's been a super busy week! This week has been full of unexpected excitement and general goodness (with one really awful Monday, but ... I'll take what I can get).

I don't have too much time to update right now - I've gotta get ready for work, then head down to city hall. But I did want to break the silence of this week, because I haven't had any time or brain space to update, and I'm sorry for that.

But I have been thinking about some things pretty critically this week, and I started some entries. They're ... not exactly journal entries, but more just thoughts that don't really fall into any category of writing. Like, thinking about social media, and my interaction with it. I've also been struggling with a lot of issues of racism and privilege this week. Specifically, there's been some ridiculous stuff going on at work and I so desperately want to do something about it, but I just can't right now.

In real life news:

1. I officially did not get the job in Duluth. Not too upset, because it would have meant a HUGE change that I'm not sure I was ready for.
2. Matt and I applied to adopt a cat, and our application was accepted! So now we just have to schedule a time to pick him up.
3. Because I didn't get the Sierra Club job, I will probably start moving in with Matt slowly. I'm seeing him tonight, so we will have to talk about the exact whens then.
4. I went through a really great job interview yesterday! I'm hoping it will work. I should know within two weeks whether or not I get the job. Good vibes, please, friends!

So ... kind of a lot of big stuff! I promise I'll have a more extensive post later, but I just wanted to get some basic thoughts down and some plans for future journal entries.

Also: What is this livejournal look upgrade?! I don't like it. I'll get used to it. But I don't like it.


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