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Whew, it has been a WEEK for the ages.

I'm writing this in between quick stints at work. It seems like everything in my life runs on a timer these days - I use the Pomodoro method at work to stay focused and stay on task, and I've been doing 45 minute stints to get the words out for NaNo. All in all, it seems to be a pretty effective method for me to keep myself on task with multiple things. Funny how our brains work, eh?

All this writing helps me feel more fulfilled. This week has been really shitty, what with the car going out of commission, the election meaning crazy hours while the car is out of commission, and everything. Everything. But the writing ... the writing helps me feel like I'm really getting somewhere, like I'm doing something I'm passionate about.

So the moral of the story is: more writing, not just during NaNo.

I'm honestly really hoping I'll be able to finish a draft of this book by the end of the year. Then, I'll be in full-on revision mode. Which terrifies me the further I get into NaNo this year ... SO much bullshit I'm going to have to wade through! So much time spent on the project! So much left to do!

But at the same time, I know that there are some really key things I'm leaving OUT of this draft. The character development is all over the place, I'm just now getting into the worldbuilding aspect of it.

Too all over the place to finish this entry. More journaling tonight (once I've got my word count where I need it).


Oct. 30th, 2014 10:32 pm
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HOLY SHIT, it starts on Saturday!

I'm not going to gun for the win as much as I did last year, but I definitely want to use it as a way to kick myself in the butt.

I have a couple ideas for strategies:

1. Get ahead/catch up as MUCH as possible on the weekends
2. Some nights, when I don't work crazy late, go to a cafe after work and don't go home until it's all done.

Verdant Tea is probably one of the best places I've found ... good atmosphere, far enough from work that it's not the same head-space, and not terribly expensive. Also: tea is good for you! Tea is GREAT!

There are still large swaths of the next part of hte novel that I need to outline more thoroughly. But really, I'm not too worried. I think if I do a little bit of catch-up tomorrow evening, I should be ok. Just a wee spot of catch-up. I plan on getting up early on Saturday to do a TON of writing. Like, I'll probably do several 45-minute sessions. I'm hoping to get an awesome head start.

The wind is howling outside. I think the cold snap has finally moved in. I've been wearing sweaters at work the last couple of days - and I have to say, it feels great.

Lutsen next weekend with Matt! Excitement!

I should get to bed ... I still have one more day of work in the week. 
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I'm exhausted. This weekend was wonderful, but very, very full. I'm almost a little excited to go back to the monotony of the work week.

Went to the state fair today. Ate many glorious foods that are horrible for my health. Glad I went for a run this morning - felt less guilty about the foods. Now I'm in a sun-soaked food coma.

But I really came here because I finally opened the NaNoWriMo newsletter, and saw the teaser for the theme. And ohhhhh my. HRNGH. I really want to win this year because the theme is awesome. If the August Writing Challenge is any indicator, this year's NaNo will be incredibly difficult for me to finish. But that's ok. I guess that's what happens when you have a job.

Anyway, here's the teaser image:


The theme is "The Boundless Novel," and draws on a lot of steampunk imagery. I know it's kind of silly to get really excited about writing because of the theme of an arbitrary month's writing challenge, but ... y'know, I don't care. I think that if something makes you excited to follow a passion - particularly something that doesn't hurt others or yourself - why the hell not get excited?

That's about all. Time to veg out.


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