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Thanks to everyone for supporting me on Thursday! Your comments really cheered me up. I think I just need to set aside Thursdays this semester as self-care days. I usually hit a wall re: my energy and self esteem on Thursdays, so I just need to be nice to myself on those days. <3 you all.

Halloween this year pretty much rocked. I'm feeling a bit behind in schoolwork, but SO worth it for celebrating my favorite holidays in style. 

There's a big Halloween/Samhain puppet play that happens every year in my community. So I went to that with some friends on Friday night. Matt was going to join us, but he didn't quite get out of work in time. The puppet play was amazing - it's usually more of a play, and this time around it definitely felt more like a Samhain circus, which I am 100% ok with. It was in a beautiful, spooky park after dark, and there were trapeze acts hanging from the trees, and ribbon climbing, and a lot of fire play. 

After the performance, I brought friends back to our place to hang out with Matt, drink beers and eat some pizza.

Then yesterday, I worked on schoolwork all day and eventually met up with [personal profile] syntaxofthings for some Halloween festivities! A local art collective released a new tarot + oracle deck based on astronomy/astrology, with over 100 participating artists. Neither of us were able to go to the opening night party, but we got together and went to the show yesterday. The art was so beautiful, and I actually know one of the artists involved, and being in that space ... I was totally inspired to purchase a deck. So now I have a shiny new deck to play with! 

I think it will actually be a really good way to learn more astronomy and work with astrological forces.

So that was awesome! 

Then we went to see a live scoring of the Nightmare Before Christmas, which was really delightful. I had never been to orchestra hall before, and the building is beautiful, and there were wonderful people in amazing costumes all around us. It was a truly magical evening.

Today: lots and LOTS of homework, and then later I'll be doing a Samhain tarot reading and possibly checking out a neighborhood Dia de los Muertos celebration briefly. 


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