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 My winter break is almost at an end. I'm ... ok with that, I think. It's been an incredibly busy break.

Today ... today I was a total bum. And that was glorious. I mean, I worked a bit on some stuff, but not too hard. I largely lounged about the house, played with the cat, read some books, and did a bit of journaling. 

And I took an epsom salt bath. It was glorious. Seriously. 

I've been working on cleansing, because I realized that with doing more tarot and the break up and everything, I had some weird energy tagging along. I did a pretty big space cleansing, but was feeling still a little shaky personally. The bath took care of that right quick.

Now: To bed!
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The results are in! 

This was a super quick, super general survey to help me out in thinking about names + content for a blog project. There was really quickly a consensus on the name, so I actually created a blog on Friday. 

The name: Northern Lights Tarot

I decided not to limit myself to tarot, so here it is: Northern Lights Witch!

It's incredibly basic, just a Wordpress blog, which I will upgrade to if I begin to make money from the blog. I also have a super baby Twitter account linked to it, and an Instagram as well. I'm thinking I need more content up before I really tackle doing a ton of social media and trying to gain readership.

Which brings me to ... content preferences!

Again, this was a really small survey, and it was mostly with people who know me in person, but a few who know me online. Most people were interested in an eclectic mix, but there were some themes.

In order of popularity (asterisks mean the same rating):

Social Justice from a Pagan Perspective**
Witchy Crafts**
Tarot Readings*
General Witchy Stuff*
Book Reviews/Esoteric Book Club*
Mythology Studies
Custom aromatherapy/teas/elixirs
Astrology Readings

I was surprised by how much interest there was in witchy crafts - I just threw that in the mix because I occasionally craft, but now I'll have to think about featuring that a bit more. I was surprised that book reviews were kind of middle-of-the-road popular (maybe I just love reading book reviews - there are so many books and so little time! I like guidance!). 

I have to say I was shocked/relieved at how low astrology readings are on the list - that is the thing here that I have the least experience with, and it is also the most to learn. So it looks like I've got some time to learn before I dig into that. 

Also because this is dreamwidth I went ahead and made a feed for you! Here it is! [syndicated profile] northernlights_witch_feed 
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 Hey dreamwidth!

So some really cool things have been happening for me lately. I got over some social anxiety, and put it out on twitter and facebook that I'd like to do more tarot readings for other people. I've been practicing for over ten years, and I'm at a point where I need to read for others to learn more. 

I now have 13 readings set up, and more people are showing interest.

For a while, I've been feeling drawn to write more and be more open about my eclectic pagan practices. I've thought about maintaining a blog. I believe I've written a bit about this here, but this intense interest in my abilities and my take on this practice has me thinking I should do a bit of an experiment. See if I can make a bit of a business out of this. 

I'm also increasingly using Twitter for witchy things, but often need to use it professionally (using my real name). So I'm thinking that I need to create a pagan-specific account, just in case I end up tweeting for work in the near future. 

And because names are hard and scary to pinpoint, I'd LOVE if you could help me out by filling out this google poll!

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 Y'all, 2015 was rough for me. It wasn't as rough as 2014 was, but it was still rough. It was a year of making difficult decisions to keep moving forward. It was a year of leaving behind people and jobs that were doing me harm. And it was the year that Matt and I broke up. He wasn't doing me harm, but it became necessary for me to leave him to continue learning about myself.

2015 was also the year I started graduate school, which was both incredibly stressful and very rewarding. I ended my first semester with straight As! Woo! And considering all the personal life stuff that was going on this last semester, I am so happy and thankful.

I think that resolutions can sometimes be bad for mental health. I heard someone say recently (I think it was Adrienne Mishler of Yoga with Adrienne) that it shouldn't be New You, but True You. And so I'm looking forward to the next year with setting not so much resolutions, but intentions, and amplifying the things that I'm already doing that make me feel good.

So, my intentions for 2016:

Continue eating healthy foods, and make a concerted effort to eat more veggies
Get outside more
10k in April, and keep running after that
Do more tarot
Learn more about astrology and practice
Find an internship or job during the semester (but hopefully only 10-15 hours per week, because omg time and grad school)
Develop a side hustle project (this may look like doing tarot readings, blogging in attempts to make money, etc.)
Above all: TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. If that means foregoing some of these things for a bit, that's ok. That's why these are intentions, not resolutions. There is some flexibility.

This career stuff might look a bit daunting, but my master's has an internship requirement, so it would be good to start working toward that. I am setting a firm boundary that I will not take an unpaid internship during the semester. Nope. Can't do that. But at the same time, grad school is a fantastic time to jump-start my career, and I want to take advantage of the connections I'm making.

I'm going to get moving for the day - I've got a meeting at 1 to prep for, and I have a couple other things I need to do around the house.
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Oh, and I just remembered after hitting "enter" on the last entry. I wanted to put these here.

Chani Nicholas is one of my favorite astrologers, and she sent out a quick blurb on the year ahead for each sign in her newsletter today. I'm already feelin' these 2016 vibes. I thought this was hopeful for my year.

Sun Sign: Cancer )

Rising Sign: Virgo )

Also I've been slowly making my way through a fantastic book on astrology that [personal profile] syntaxofthings lent me. The more specific I get with astrology, the more it makes sense.

In other woo news, I'd like some more practice with tarot. If anyone would like a free 2016 "looking forward" spread, I'd love to do one for you! Just comment/let me know.
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Thanks to everyone for supporting me on Thursday! Your comments really cheered me up. I think I just need to set aside Thursdays this semester as self-care days. I usually hit a wall re: my energy and self esteem on Thursdays, so I just need to be nice to myself on those days. <3 you all.

Halloween this year pretty much rocked. I'm feeling a bit behind in schoolwork, but SO worth it for celebrating my favorite holidays in style. 

There's a big Halloween/Samhain puppet play that happens every year in my community. So I went to that with some friends on Friday night. Matt was going to join us, but he didn't quite get out of work in time. The puppet play was amazing - it's usually more of a play, and this time around it definitely felt more like a Samhain circus, which I am 100% ok with. It was in a beautiful, spooky park after dark, and there were trapeze acts hanging from the trees, and ribbon climbing, and a lot of fire play. 

After the performance, I brought friends back to our place to hang out with Matt, drink beers and eat some pizza.

Then yesterday, I worked on schoolwork all day and eventually met up with [personal profile] syntaxofthings for some Halloween festivities! A local art collective released a new tarot + oracle deck based on astronomy/astrology, with over 100 participating artists. Neither of us were able to go to the opening night party, but we got together and went to the show yesterday. The art was so beautiful, and I actually know one of the artists involved, and being in that space ... I was totally inspired to purchase a deck. So now I have a shiny new deck to play with! 

I think it will actually be a really good way to learn more astronomy and work with astrological forces.

So that was awesome! 

Then we went to see a live scoring of the Nightmare Before Christmas, which was really delightful. I had never been to orchestra hall before, and the building is beautiful, and there were wonderful people in amazing costumes all around us. It was a truly magical evening.

Today: lots and LOTS of homework, and then later I'll be doing a Samhain tarot reading and possibly checking out a neighborhood Dia de los Muertos celebration briefly. 
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 I had assignments due for all of my classes last week, and have been attempting to get ahead in my current courses before I add a class that starts halfway through the semester: Intro to Public Policy Analysis.

But this week, nothing's due, one of my professors is out of town so that class is really relaxed, and while my reading load is a little intense, I'm allowing myself some time to just relax and recuperate from some of the stress of the last several weeks. 

So far, I think I'm off to a pretty good start:

1. Met up with the lovely [personal profile] syntaxofthings for coffee yesterday. We talked school, starting a business, and witchy things!
2. Managed to clean my apartment on Sunday night, AND I cooked a full crockpot of soup. 
3. Came home after class yesterday to find that Matt had cooked up a pot of delicious tofu yellow curry. Our leftover game is on point this week.
4. I actually put yoga on my calendar and have actually done yoga a couple of times. I think this is essential - now that I'm in grad school, if there isn't a specific time that I'm supposed to do things I put off the doing of them. And also yoga makes my body feel more alive and my mind more relaxed, so overall very good thing.
5. Looking forward to a potluck + showing of It Follows on Friday. Spooky movies + friend time in October? More of that, please.
6. This is a very auspicious time to do some self-reflection and divination. I did a tarot reading this weekend that really helped put some things into focus that needed to be in focus. I'll be conscious this week of taking time specifically to relax.
7. Have started rereading Sandman! I may not have time for reading novels while I'm in school, but I certainly have time for comics. And also Sandman is amazing and I love it and I need more of it in my life.

If only I could sleep well, that would be great. Gonna try actually sleeping tonight and sleeping in tomorrow.

... speaking of some tarot things, there's a new community! If you're interested in studying tarot, discussing the cards, and in general  learning, [personal profile] syntaxofthings put together a wonderful group called [community profile] tarotstudies. Join the discussion! I personally haven't been doing all that much tarot these days, but it's interesting to follow and comment. I like the dreamwidth community format better than a forum, so this has been a wonderful way of learning from others.

And it's time for statistics. I'm off. 
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I've been really down lately. This weekend was pretty restorative, and my week is starting out nice and gentle. 

Here are some things I'm excited about:

1. Saw my friend April this weekend - we've been friends for a long time now, and it's been a while since we got to hang out. We did our nails, we watched Twin Peaks, and we talked. A lot. It was great.

2. Went to a ballgame with my family and some family friends. This was fun - a little strange, since sports were never really a thing I grew up with, but whatever.

3. Saw my friend Mel yesterday. We got brunch, and watched several episodes of American Horror Story: Coven. 

4. My new tarot deck is pretty amazing. The images are surreal, and bright, originally from oil paintings. Here's a link so you can check out this amazing artwork.
On Friday night, I went for a bike ride down to a somewhat secluded park by the Mississippi and did my first reading with it. It was a sort of "get-to-know-you" reading, and I think this deck is exactly what I need in that practice right now. 
I've started doing a one-card-pull for daily readings, and that's been really on point so far. Today's draw was the Ten of Fire, which represents attention and success on an all-consuming project, but it seems to come from a place of strength, rather than negative obsession.

5. Finished reading "Neverwhere" last night. Absolutely lovely.

6. Have been pretty successful at keeping my habitat un-fucked. Considering how busy I am these days, that's a MAJOR accomplishment. Dishes are not piling up, and I'm about to get at cleaning the bathroom.

7. Bought tickets so Matt and I can go to a festival curated by one of my (our?) favorite artists in September. 

8. Have somehow managed to keep in contact with him, even though his schedule is super weird and he's on the road. It sounds like he might be home around June 28th? Which is earlier than I thought.

9. Rewatching "Twin Peaks." The world of Twin Peaks is really inspiring - I might need to do some writing prompts or something. Also toying with the idea of writing Twin Peaks fic. Fanfic is something I haven't contemplated in a LONG time, but there you go.

10. Haven't spent much time online this weekend - nice break.

I should get off to some of my cleaning before I have to go in to work. I'm being pretty strict about not putting in overtime (they've basically said they can't pay me for overtime), so I've got to be really effective and on while I'm at work. That's not a bad thing, and I'm kind of proud of the boundaries I've set and kept with this job. It's so easy when working for the cause to end up working round the clock just because you care so much - but that's not good for the organizers, because you burn out quickly and you end up devaluing your work. So yes: Boundaries are good.

Off with me! To the bathroom with scrubbing brushes!


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