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After my post a couple of days ago, I really did get to sit down and write, and wow - 5,500+ words later, I have a finished draft!

I have learned SO MUCH from writing this draft. And it kind of blows my mind that after two years of writing, storyboarding, doubting myself, changing direction, I have finally made it to the end. I am SO excited to start the editing process, but I'm probably going to wait a month before digging in to that. I think distance will be key - granted, the first 50,000 words were written in November 2013, but I think even with that I still need a little space.

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Have somehow gotten behind on DW posts - will catch up later today. This has been a bit of a whirlwind of a week.

I am >thisclose< to being done with the novel. Six scenes. SIX I TELL YOU. But I've been having a hard time motivating myself to sit down and type away. 

Part of it is that I feel like I'm scrambling to make ends meet, and isn't it amazing how much brain-space not having enough money takes. The other part of it is that I genuinely have a lot of projects I need to work on before we go backpacking.

But I think another part of it is that I don't want the writing to end. Which is silly, because there will be SO MUCH editing to do, and I'll need to add and expand scenes, and things like that. 

But today. Today I will write. Today I am putting aside other things, and I am focusing on the novel, because today I can.

Will report back.
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 I've been meaning to write a sort-of retrospective on the year since my birthday, and haven't gotten around to it because summer is Crazy. (I'm 27, y'all, when did that happen?!)

I spent all last weekend at or traveling to the Remember the Kalamazoo event. Five years ago in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, the largest inland oil spill in US History happened, and because it was tar sands oil it sank to the bottom of the river, where it still sits. In order to get it out of the river, they need to dredge it, and even that isn't working.

So it was a weekend of sitting with allies in Michigan as they remember what was once here, fight to stop the pipelines and to stop this from happening again, and looking forward to a future. We also took a toxic tour of the BP-Whiting refinery on our way home, led by the only activist in the small company town. It was horrific - to see what refinery communities have to deal with, have to live with. I stepped off the bus and could barely breathe because of the particulate matter in the air. There's an oil spill that's been sitting there for basically five years, with no real clean-up efforts because it's on industrial land. 

The whole experience was chilling. Some might even say Orwellian.

But that all deserves its own post!

There's an all-day climate change solutions visioning workshop today that I RSVPd for when I got back from Kalamazoo, but now that I've gone through a week of intense stress about grad school logistics, I'm feeling like I really just need to have a quiet morning with my coffee, my computer, my notebooks, and my plans. I feel more like reflecting, and then getting a ton of job applications done, some of my commissioned research, and maybe even writing.

Great Things About This Last Year:
  • Took a couple of great vacations with Matt - to the UP, and again to Lutsen Lodge
  • Applied to and got in to grad school
  • Deepened some friendships, let go of one particularly toxic friendship
  • Quit the horrible, soul-sucking job back in January
  • Was extremely productive with my writing - I am >thisclose< to finishing my first novel!
  • Got much more involved in environmental activism again - finding my place in the movement, after I was forced out by my previous job
  • Committed in a new way to my spiritual practice, with rituals almost every month. It feels like I'm really taking charge of life through spirituality.
  • Got commissioned to work on a huge march, which was really gratifying - yes, I have worth and am offering something to the movement.
  • Found out about Dreamwidth! This has been fantastic - and has also kicked my butt to journal a whole lot more.
  • I've seen some GREAT music live this year.
  • Women's weekend was fantastic - spending time with family was definitely a priority last year.
  • Figuring out that I need to cut dairy out of my life, and committing to being a healthier person physically, mentally, and emotionally. This has become more of a constant in my life, and I'm so thankful for that.
Challenges From This Last Year (OR: Why I'm a Much Stronger Person Now):
  • The parts of this year when I was working at Horrible Job were horrible. Dealing with constant ageist microaggressions, trying to change my boss' racist ways, feeling completely controlled and helpless, trying to work toward justice with people I was organizing with but being undermined by my boss and my organization's goals ... all bad news that meant almost daily anxiety attacks. That was hard, y'all.
  • It was really, really hard to break up with my old friend, but it had to be done. I'm still feeling really emotional about this in some ways, but it's getting easier.
  • This year, Matt and I went through a streak of being either apart or having tension in our relationship for 5 months. I think we've rounded the bend, have had some deep and open conversation, and things feel like they're finally coming back to a normal place.
  • MONEY. I had saved enough to cover a couple of months before I quit the job, but finding money and making ends meet has been a near-constant problem.
  • Depression has reared its ugly head, but I continue to work through it.
Looking FORWARD: The Year To Come
  • Trying to find a balance with grad school and my volunteer work - which, while stressful, really gives me a sense of purpose.
  • Unforeseen opportunities: internships, research assistantships, meeting new people, building my network, all those great things
  • Finishing my novel! And starting the editing process.
  • Continuing my spiritual practice. I'm particularly excited to start in on the Alternative Tarot Course by Beth Maiden.
  • Matt and I are going to try to fit in some awesome backpacking trips! We're probably going to do an overnight this coming week, and will be doing a section of the Superior Hiking Trail. More camping and nature in general!
  • More live music, travel, festivals, play with friends, good times yay!
  • More writing - I want to write more about things like climate change, spirituality, feminism, anti-oppression work, my experiences as a queer woman, etc. Not only that, but I want to write more short stories - I'm not ready to dive into another novel, but I want to keep my chops up
Whew! What a year it's been, what a year it will be! I'm so excited for the things that I don't know about, and I'm so grateful for all the experiences of the last year. I'm a much stronger person now than I was before, and I look forward to this next year.

Thank you, everyone who's had a part in this, and to the Dreamwidth community! You're wonderful, and supportive, and this site has been a truly fantastic discovery.

Peace and love and kindness to all of you!


Jul. 7th, 2015 07:37 am
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 Matt's home! He's finally here!

I picked him up at 1:30 in the morning on Saturday, and we stayed up until 4. I had, of course, planned ahead, and taken naps earlier in the evening. But it was this ... instant connection, like we'd never been apart. Then, on Saturday, we spent most of the day lazing around. I got some writing done, he caught up on the Internet (after not having it most of his time away), we went for a hike, went to a barbeque. I love even just lazing around with him - it feels like I've been on vacation.

I was starting to get really worried toward the end of our time apart - nervous that things had changed somehow, or that he was getting fed up with me, or that there was something wrong in our relationship. No, it just turns out that 8 weeks apart is a really long time, especially when your partner doesn't particularly like opening up on the phone.

I'm relieved, and happy to have him back. 

The last couple of days, we've had terrible air quality because of the wildfires in Canada. I think today it's finally starting to clear up. I'm still facebook friends with a professor from college (anthropologist that studies China primarily) who said that our air quality was actually WORSE than Beijing's yesterday. 

That's ... wow.

Writing has been going spectacularly well. I'm actually ahead of my Camp NaNo goals, and the words just keep coming. I've got a trip planned for later in July, so it would be nice to be at least three days ahead before that. Unless, of course, I finish the novel before I hit 30,000 new words - which is looking more and more like a possibility.

Though I have to say, in order to write this much this quickly I'm really swallowing my fear of the editing process. I hit 300 manuscript pages - and immediately after the celebrations, I thought "oh fuuuuuck now I'm gonna have to rewrite over 300 pages".  I am excited to tackle that process, but also ... wow. I've never had to edit anything on this scale before.

Fanfic is interesting - I've been thinking about that a lot. When I was writing fanfic, I definitely didn't plan it out as much as I've planned out this novel, but I meticulously edited it as I go. It was all about getting each chapter up to speed. I suppose, if I had a strict plot outline, I could write this that way too. But I don't trust my original fiction - I'm assuming that everything will change once it's done.

And it has changed a lot over the course of my writing this. 

I have a lot of work ahead of me.
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 Not much has changed.

Currently reading "Brave New World" b. Aldous Huxley. It's amazing terrifying amazing.

I've officially wrapped up the gig on the march, so now I'm contacting my network and putting some feelers out there for temp work to carry me through until school starts. 

Matt is still not back. Trying not to dwell on Things and Feelings.

Getting some good writing done. Camp NaNo with [personal profile] syntaxofthings starts on Wednesday - we have a write-in planned already! My goal is to EITHER finish the work in progress OR write 30,000 new words. But if I finish the manuscript before I hit 30,000, that will be a huge landmark. 

That's a little under 1,000 words/day, which actually seems really doable for the pace I've been writing these days. It's more about finding the time to get in the writing mindset, which isn't always easy. But if I hit the writing hard this week, I'll get ahead of myself before my next temp thing kicks in. 

Today's word count: Something like 700. Not bad, considering how weird today's been.
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It snowed today. Everyone was grumbling about it, but I actually really love this weather - unseasonable as it may be, I like it when the transition seasons last a while.

GI issues still very much with me. Boss-man took us out for lunch today, and I thought I was being good ordering a soup and salad. I mean, I knew the soup (tomato basil) would be creamy and the salad would have a dressing, but I didn't expect to feel as bad as I did. We ate at noon and I didn't feel "normal" again until probably 6 tonight.

So I had oatmeal with strawberries for dinner, because I'm at a loss. Not feeling great, but also not as terrible as I could be feeling?


I'm getting back into the groove of writing more and more. Now that I am officially starting grad school in the fall, I have some pretty incredible motivation to finish my first draft. I would love to be at a point of editing, reading, and rewriting the first draft when the semester starts.

The novel has a complex structure right now (a framing character who speaks in third person, a diary contemporary to events happening, transcripts of interviews, etc.), and I feel like I've been losing the power of the story through trying to keep these simultaneous structures going. I do write in Scrivener, which helps ME keep track of it all, but it's become very scattered and difficult to find a way forward. 

Tonight I had long talks with Matt about it (basically me nattering on while we played a round of backgammon), and he listened, and I think I've figured out the structure issue. It needs to be found-footage, which means it needs to be in first person all the way through. That's how I envisioned it when I outlined, and that's how I'll finish it. 

That will also help me play up the fact that it's a fantasy/mystery/horror. There are some things the reader will NEVER find out.

So now I just have to charge forward with my wordcount and get it all on paper!

I've been looking for a good community on DW to share writing goals. There are many out there, but it looks like most of the ones I was interested in open up membership in December for a yearly goal (75,000/year seems the standard). Then I found one that lets anyone in, lets you set and change your own goals, and is fairly active.

The community is: [community profile] words_count ! If you're working on a project, you should join me over there and we can hold ourselves accountable!

Man, accountability is great.

I feel like I had other thoughts that were more about my life and things happening personally, but I am a little too addled to remember them now due to Big Writing Thoughts.

I have a lot of reading to do - not because I *have* to, but because I want to. My book club is reading "Love Medicine" b. Louise Erdrich in May, followed by "The Goldfinch" b. Donna Tartt for June. Both are fairly hefty, and take some thinking as you go along. And I've got some books on Midwestern folklore and mythology that I'm perusing/taking notes on for the novel.

Anyway, that's enough about stories for tonight. 

Here are some things I'm grateful for: 

1. Backgammon with my partner
2. My lovely, mischievous cat
3. Yoga, and myself for getting back into a more regular practice
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 Wow, it's almost 10:30. I guess I got home kind of late after the action night, and running around in the next town over.

After the day I've had, I don't know how it is I've still got thoughts to put to the page. I don't think I have the energy, yet again, to really get into the main thing on my mind, but it feels good to get some of the clutter out.

Temping at an accounting firm during tax season is very busy. But at the same time, what I'm doing there is so very mindless that I have a lot of time to think. It's amazing the brainspace that's been freed up since I found out I didn't get the job. Now, it's back to planning and daydreaming instead of endless fretting over what it would mean to take the job. 

Graduate school, to get my Master's in Public Policy. That is what I'm doing for the next two years. 

It feels good to know that. 

Hopefully, this newly-free space in my mind will mean I can get back to writing the novel. It's been far too long since I was able to pick that up in any real way, I've been thinking far too much about Big Decisions and Life Shit.

Speaking of the novel, I think one of the reasons it's been difficult for me to work on it lately has been the sense that I'm just ... not a good enough writer for the story. I'm so very attached to it at this point, and I think it's an important story that needs to be told and told well so that people listen. But I don't think I'm good enough to really tell it yet.

At the same time, I'm worried that if I stop (at over 200 manuscript pages), I'll try to pick it up again in the future and be unable to figure it out. The manuscript will be completely out of touch, illegible, I won't even be able to get through it as a reader, much less a writer and editor. I need to build up my writing chops generally.

So short stories have been appealing to me lately. I will absolutely not be able to finish the story by the deadline, but there's a literary journal looking for stories based on The King in Yellow, and I do plan to write one. Perhaps I'll make it into a longer NaNo project this fall. I have a certain plot bunny that I've been keeping in the pen. But maybe it's time to let it out. Maybe I bit off a chunk too huge with the older project. And it does feel so good to be writing other things, experimenting with style and character. 

I never thought I would enjoy writing short stories. It's odd. It's good, though. This really is the best way to get better at writing.

Ack. Taxes wait for no one, and I've got an early day tomorrow. I should finish up my beer and get to bed.

Hello, 2015

Jan. 7th, 2015 09:52 pm
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Man, 2014 was a shitty year for me. Nothing hugely bad happened, but work has sucked at an identity crisis level.

It's fitting that I turned in my two weeks' notice on the last day of 2014. And it has been INSANE the last several days. I quit at my job without having the next thing lined up. It just got to be too much - I had a massive anxiety attack at work. And so I knew it was time to be done - it was unhealthy. I just couldn't keep it up. I called my mom, bawling my eyes out, still having the panic attack, and that was it. She finally said what I needed to hear: That this job isn't worth it.

So the next day, I turned in my letter of resignation. The next day happened to be New Year's Eve. I set off some kind of crazy chain reaction. I had a great New Year's Eve out with friends (so great I overindulged, then had to stay at Kim's while Roxanne snored on the floor), and then a pretty good New Year's Day. Then, I got called in for an interview at one of my favorite cafes - Nina's.

I had the interview on Saturday, and walked away within half an hour with a job offer. Matt and I celebrated by ordering Chinese food and watching a silent movie together.

And this week has gone by in a blur - I've been very busy with work, wrapping up loose ends, and yesterday Matt and I took our parents out for dinner. So yes, this has been a very intense week. I was supposed to meet up with Natascha for dinner, but it would seem that she was feeling under the weather. This turned out ok, because I haven't done laundry in an embarrassing amount of time, and Matt was feeling a bit neglected. It was good to just come home and make dinner with him. It's been too long since we did that - more of that.

It's a good thing - I'm going to have a breakneck couple of weeks. I won't have another day off until January 19. That's ok, I suppose. I did just have a bunch of days off in a row, and the new job at Nina's will be completely different from my job at the neighborhood org. Even still, I'm feeling just exhausted. Friday will be the worst - I'll work a full day at WA, then go to Nina's at 5. Thankfully, I told Marian I'll be working from home on Friday, so I won't have to deal with being all dressed up and being in the office.

She's been strangely good to me lately. I think she has some kind of respect for me. Perhaps I shouldn't be suprised by that.

Something else that's really surprised me has been the outpouring of support from people I know about the moves I'm making in my life. Once I'd told the board that I was leaving, and once I'd started to tell volunteers, I did a big facebook post about the fact that I'm leaving this job. I got just about 70 "likes," and 25 comments in support of the decision. I've been framing it as time for me to finish writing the novel while I wait to hear back about grad school, and everyone is really supportive of that.

I just ... blown away. Very much blown away.

Ok, and now the tired is really starting to seep in. I need to get some sleep - it's very important that I get sleep these days.
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Whew, it has been a WEEK for the ages.

I'm writing this in between quick stints at work. It seems like everything in my life runs on a timer these days - I use the Pomodoro method at work to stay focused and stay on task, and I've been doing 45 minute stints to get the words out for NaNo. All in all, it seems to be a pretty effective method for me to keep myself on task with multiple things. Funny how our brains work, eh?

All this writing helps me feel more fulfilled. This week has been really shitty, what with the car going out of commission, the election meaning crazy hours while the car is out of commission, and everything. Everything. But the writing ... the writing helps me feel like I'm really getting somewhere, like I'm doing something I'm passionate about.

So the moral of the story is: more writing, not just during NaNo.

I'm honestly really hoping I'll be able to finish a draft of this book by the end of the year. Then, I'll be in full-on revision mode. Which terrifies me the further I get into NaNo this year ... SO much bullshit I'm going to have to wade through! So much time spent on the project! So much left to do!

But at the same time, I know that there are some really key things I'm leaving OUT of this draft. The character development is all over the place, I'm just now getting into the worldbuilding aspect of it.

Too all over the place to finish this entry. More journaling tonight (once I've got my word count where I need it).


Oct. 30th, 2014 10:32 pm
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HOLY SHIT, it starts on Saturday!

I'm not going to gun for the win as much as I did last year, but I definitely want to use it as a way to kick myself in the butt.

I have a couple ideas for strategies:

1. Get ahead/catch up as MUCH as possible on the weekends
2. Some nights, when I don't work crazy late, go to a cafe after work and don't go home until it's all done.

Verdant Tea is probably one of the best places I've found ... good atmosphere, far enough from work that it's not the same head-space, and not terribly expensive. Also: tea is good for you! Tea is GREAT!

There are still large swaths of the next part of hte novel that I need to outline more thoroughly. But really, I'm not too worried. I think if I do a little bit of catch-up tomorrow evening, I should be ok. Just a wee spot of catch-up. I plan on getting up early on Saturday to do a TON of writing. Like, I'll probably do several 45-minute sessions. I'm hoping to get an awesome head start.

The wind is howling outside. I think the cold snap has finally moved in. I've been wearing sweaters at work the last couple of days - and I have to say, it feels great.

Lutsen next weekend with Matt! Excitement!

I should get to bed ... I still have one more day of work in the week. 
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August Writing Challenge: 8/17
Daily Word Goal: ~2,000
Word Count: 1,844
Total: 7,625

I was just shy of my goal for this day because I got really sleepy. Turns out, when I'm alternating errands and writing, it makes for a very full day. I stopped writing Mr. Goodman's journal, because in looking over all of my outline material, I didn't actually plan out the plot points his journal would reveal. And ... I have a pretty good handle on it, but I guess I was feeling inspired to work on something else. I want to just spend some time assessing where I'm at with his journal, and then go back and fill in the rest.

I'm really happy that I've been able to incorporate some of the folktales I learned about from "Bloodstoppers and Bearwalkers" - I think it lends a much more interesting texture to the work. I think for the monster, I will need to go back and rewrite to bring together local Lake Superior mythology and H.P. Lovecraft's quasi-religious science fiction. I'm getting a much clearer picture of what the second draft looks like, and I'm eager to start tearing apart this awful first draft.

Anyway, there's kind of a lot going on in my (non-writing) life, but this is a welcome distraction. I've got some thinking to do, working through some stuff. My capacity to deal with other people's bullshit is waning. I need to be more creative, I need to keep up with my writing. It's one way I can stay in touch with my own inner sanctum.

I'm actually (a little bit) proud of some stuff that I wrote on Sunday, so I'll post an excerpt (not the whole thing - the pacing's way off for the rest of the scene). Ugh. Just post it already.

Excerpt: the first storm of the winter )
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August Writing Challenge: Second Weekend
Daily Goal: ~2,000 words
Words: 1,012

I actually started typing up this day earlier in the week, but since I didn't finish typing all the sessions, I didn't get a chance to post.

Ugh. This is why I never read drafts that I'm in the middle of. I'm trying not to let myself feel terribly frustrated and disheartened. Of course my writing isn't as good as the books I'm always reading. Of COURSE it's rough, and the prose is stifled, and the dialogue is cheesy. It's in my writing style. What I'm trying to do now is get everything down, so that I can go back and pretty much re-write everything. I need to get the sequence of events down before I can make it beautiful.

So ... this draft is so incredibly rough I'm a little embarrassed to post anything. The good news is, that I'm writing in Mr. Goodman's journal, and so handwriting these entries in particular makes them seem ... more believable. I have a sense of how much the writing takes up on a page of a notebook. But that also means the paragraphs are dramatically shorter than they are when I'm typing.

Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.

Well, I only have one more days' worth of fiction to type up, and then I can go back to a world where I blissfully ignore how terrible my draft is. Hoping to get 2,000 new words down today, as well as finish typing all of this up.
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August Writing Camp: First Weekend
Goal of the Weekend: 2,000
Words: 2,150

[ profile] trplnrdscre1 and I are doing a writing challenge this month - and so this is my first report back on my progress! We each set our own goals, because we're working on very different things. I needed to get back in the habit of working on my novel regularly, and she was interested in picking up some more writing. So ... the challenge! My goal is to write 20,000 words in the month of August.

Normally, these August writing challenge posts will have an excerpt. Today I won't be able to put together an excerpt, mainly because I spent most of the evening at a Tori Amos concert! The concert was fantastic - she's suuuuuuper weird, but I really admire her ability to tell a story with music, as well as the breadth of experimentation she's done over her career. I was really happy that she played some from "Boys for Pele," and she hit most of my favorites. It was my first solo concert, which was ... interesting. Not having been to a concert alone before, it was a new experience. Felt good to blend in to the crowd a bit. I'm glad I went.

More later, including an excerpt from the more surprising bits of today's writing. For now, I'm feeling tired and accomplished.
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This week is going to be a hot one. So far, I think we've been blessed with pretty good weather, all Midwestern summers considered. Summer is definitely my least favorite season. It seems to pass in a haze of booze and socializing these days, and of course, work work work.

Summer usually bests me for pacing.

But now it seems like things are coming to a new, much better rhythm. Work has still been really nuts, but it looks like I'll be working on the weekends less. That's one way that June really kicked my ass - and so far, July hasn't been too bad. But with Dancing in the Park, it's been its own kind of intense.

Last night was Matt's and my housewarming party. We spent most of yesterday in a frenzy of cleaning and bringing the house into a state that most people would describe as "normal." Matt's office is finally put together, and I finally got the last of my shit out of boxes. The party itself was very lovely (if extremely warm.) There weren't too many people - many of our friends weren't able to make it - but the people that did come were absolutely lovely, and everyone said they had a good time. Poor Wednesday ended up hiding under the bed for most of the night, but he did at least say hi to Mel, April, and Chris. But now it really feels like a home. We have everything in a semblance of order, we've had a group of people over, pretty much all the "jobs" that I was still coming home to are done.

And it feels fantastic.

I think it's funny and difficult that my depression has been so severe lately, when things are going (relatively) well. But that's just a testament that mental illness isn't only related to what's happening in your life - it's a chemical imbalance. I think I also tend to take on a lot of the melancholy of people around me, worry for their happiness, and have been having issues keeping my empathy in check.

Other than working on that, though, I think there are some things that I could do. Ever since my life kind of turned upside-down in the move, I feel like I've been eating out a lot, and kind of turning to comfort foods more than I would like to. So I'm going back to a more plant-powered diet, going to focus more on utilizing the wonderful veggies I get in my weekly CSA.

I've also been wrestling with finding the time to exercise. It seems like, when I take the lightrail to work, it means I have a three hour commute. The hour-and-a-half travel time in the morning is fine, but in the evening it means that I don't have any energy to exercise. So ... basically, I need to figure out a better system for that. I HATE using up all the carbon when I can use perfectly good public transportation, not to mention the issue with the gas, but WOW. It's a lot. So ... I need to get into another rhythm with running, because I know I will feel much better when I'm exercising.

The other major time struggle is finding the time to work on the novel. When I come home from work during the week, I'm usually so exhausted that I can't spare the extra energy for creative work. And now it's been so long since I worked on the novel that starting it up again feels like some kind of huge undertaking. It's like ... reconnecting with that friend you haven't had regular contact with in 6 years. You were once really close, and ... now it just seems ... like there's too much ground to cover, too much catching up to do. I was talking about it with Matt over dinner, and we both kind of landed on setting aside a day to work on the novel. Or maybe two days? I think I need to work on getting caught up. Even if I just set aside three hours on both Saturday and Sunday for writing, it will feel like a huge accomplishment.

Word count goals help, too. I remember you, NaNo.

Ugh, 10:45! I need to get to sleep.
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Ugh, moving. I was getting really anxious about the whole process last night, and so I talked to Matt about it and I think we've got a good plan. What's really making me anxious is that the week before I'm moving, I work 10-4 on Sunday, I have two 11-12 hour days (including the Thursday before the move), Matt's sister's surprise bridal shower is on the Wednesday of that week, so pretty much my only day to get everything packed is Tuesday of next week. Ahhhh!

Matt was able to talk me down a little bit. Thank goodness. But this is gonna be crazy.

So, I started making a list last night of all the things I need to do to move. Here we go:

1. Show apartment - it's gonna be crazy, but just remember: they'll take $100 off the re-rental fee if I find the person to move in.
2. Today: Send Matt home with box of kitchen appliances, maybe some books, dvds, tchotckies, and electronics boxes.
3. Friday: Pack up sewing and camping stuff and take to St. Paul.
4. Saturday: Show apartment, but also pack up books. Take wall shelves out (will need to borrow Matt's drill), spackle, paint.
5. Sunday: Varnish bed? Not necessary - but it would be a good idea to treat the wood, and moving is one of the best times to do that. Pack a bag of clothes for the week, pack the rest of my clothes and bring to Matt's. Unpack all the boxes at Matt's so I can reuse them.
6. Tuesday: Pack EVERYTHING ELSE. Live out of a suitcase for the week.
7. Friday: MOVE.
8. Saturday: Spend day unpacking and rearranging apt. Meet Matt in Hibbing for his sister's wedding. May need to leave early if he's going totally bazonkers with family.
9. Sunday: I have NO idea where I'll wake up. Like, we could be at home, but I also wouldn't be surprised if we have a family sleepover or something. (His family can be a bit cagey about plans - I usually don't know what's going on.) TRY to get to book club - this could be tough if there's a wedding brunch I didn't know about. But oh my word Wuthering Heights, I really want to discuss it. Then: possibly check in on the Whittier Walkers shift from 12-2. Then: Relaxxxxx.

Ok ... that plan seems ok. It all depends on if Matt can do it too. He's coming over tonight, and we'll go over what this all looks like.

On a different note: It looks like he has work for next week! Yay!

Some other things I'm thinking about lately:

1. I NEED to get back to working on my novel. I've been too busy lately, but I have been getting a serious writing bug.
2. On a similar note, I want to do that mythology challenge. I've actually been thinking of ways to build that into the current project.
3. I'm getting kind of serious about stargazing. It will actually be a lot easier in Lowertown - less light pollution, and closer to the highway out of town. I'm trying to find an app that will help me out with that, but since I have an iPhone I can't get the one I want - google stargazer. Grrrr. There's gotta be a good comparison app.
4. I really miss sewing, and working with fabric. When I get to the new space, there are several mending projects I need to finish, but there are some patterns I have that I should really start working on. It would be good to hone my skills a little more.

Oh goodness. Time for me to get to work. BUH ALL THE THINGS.
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x-posted to [ profile] 50bookchallenge

I DID IT! I am posting to triumphantly announce that I have FINISHED READING 1Q84.

I was absolutely taken in by the storytelling technique, the vision, and the voice of this work. I started reading it shortly after finishing nanowrimo, which was a mistake. It made me feel very ... small ... as someone working on their own writing. The atmosphere he was able to create, within the first page of the novel, made me feel like I was dreaming as I was reading.

This is book #4 finished of the year, and it has definitely taken a ton of my time. At 1,157 pages, it's an absolute behemoth. I'm very happy I read all the way to the end, but it was definitely difficult to get through. I'm very much a person that reads more than one book at once, and having one take me this long (six months) to finish definitely left me feeling antsy that I couldn't spend enough time with my other books.

However, I do think this should have been a much shorter book. It makes sense that it was three books originally, but it just felt like there was so much description and dense detail that was ... ultimately not necessary. Definitely made me feel like I was a part of the book, but it also really drew it out. Large portions of the book take place while the characters are waiting, or staying in one place, and ... it felt a little self-indulgent.

BUT I'm very glad I read it.

Now, on to more books!


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