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It snowed today. Everyone was grumbling about it, but I actually really love this weather - unseasonable as it may be, I like it when the transition seasons last a while.

GI issues still very much with me. Boss-man took us out for lunch today, and I thought I was being good ordering a soup and salad. I mean, I knew the soup (tomato basil) would be creamy and the salad would have a dressing, but I didn't expect to feel as bad as I did. We ate at noon and I didn't feel "normal" again until probably 6 tonight.

So I had oatmeal with strawberries for dinner, because I'm at a loss. Not feeling great, but also not as terrible as I could be feeling?


I'm getting back into the groove of writing more and more. Now that I am officially starting grad school in the fall, I have some pretty incredible motivation to finish my first draft. I would love to be at a point of editing, reading, and rewriting the first draft when the semester starts.

The novel has a complex structure right now (a framing character who speaks in third person, a diary contemporary to events happening, transcripts of interviews, etc.), and I feel like I've been losing the power of the story through trying to keep these simultaneous structures going. I do write in Scrivener, which helps ME keep track of it all, but it's become very scattered and difficult to find a way forward. 

Tonight I had long talks with Matt about it (basically me nattering on while we played a round of backgammon), and he listened, and I think I've figured out the structure issue. It needs to be found-footage, which means it needs to be in first person all the way through. That's how I envisioned it when I outlined, and that's how I'll finish it. 

That will also help me play up the fact that it's a fantasy/mystery/horror. There are some things the reader will NEVER find out.

So now I just have to charge forward with my wordcount and get it all on paper!

I've been looking for a good community on DW to share writing goals. There are many out there, but it looks like most of the ones I was interested in open up membership in December for a yearly goal (75,000/year seems the standard). Then I found one that lets anyone in, lets you set and change your own goals, and is fairly active.

The community is: [community profile] words_count ! If you're working on a project, you should join me over there and we can hold ourselves accountable!

Man, accountability is great.

I feel like I had other thoughts that were more about my life and things happening personally, but I am a little too addled to remember them now due to Big Writing Thoughts.

I have a lot of reading to do - not because I *have* to, but because I want to. My book club is reading "Love Medicine" b. Louise Erdrich in May, followed by "The Goldfinch" b. Donna Tartt for June. Both are fairly hefty, and take some thinking as you go along. And I've got some books on Midwestern folklore and mythology that I'm perusing/taking notes on for the novel.

Anyway, that's enough about stories for tonight. 

Here are some things I'm grateful for: 

1. Backgammon with my partner
2. My lovely, mischievous cat
3. Yoga, and myself for getting back into a more regular practice


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