Sep. 5th, 2016

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 Today was kind of a big deal for me. I made an announcement on Facebook that I have been practicing tarot for over ten years, and that I've started a business. I've told certain friends - close-ish friends - that I've started the business, and I don't hide it from new people that I meet, but ... I've always been shy about my pagan spirituality when around extended family.

But more and more, not being open about it is creating a cognitive dissonance. It's not even that I was hiding it, but more that I didn't know how to tell people.

As weird as social media is, it definitely gives that outlet.

I'm feeling really good about telling people. Overwhelmingly, people have been supportive. So that's really cool and reassuring!

Yesterday was the family's big booya. My parents throw a Labor Day party every year, and this year we were able to have booya because my dad inherited the booya kettle. For those of you who aren't from the upper Midwest, Booya is a giant soup. It's a tomato-based stew, and there are regional recipes. But it must be made in giant cast-iron kettles with a built-in wood stove. My family's kettle holds 25 gallons - it's a half kettle. 

Obviously, you have to invite the whole town over when you do a booya. They had 60 guests.

It's weird, but I didn't know as many people at the Booya as I thought I would. My parents have almost totally changed their friend group over.

In a not great note: Today I discovered kitchen moths in our cupboard. UGH so I've been deep cleaning the kitchen and throwing away food. 


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